Center of Geriatric Nursing Excellence
Reasons to Give

  • Clinical Partnerships & Community Outreach: education to older adults and their caregivers; trainings at acute and long-term care facilities; advisory councils and interdisciplinary committee participation; exhibits and screenings at community health events/fairs; etc.

  • Educational Opportunities: Alumni & Friends Spring Brunch, Interprofessional Educational Events, Scholarly Seminars, Journal Club sessions, Collaborative Prep sessions prior to GSA and ENRS, etc.

  • Entrepreneurial and Marketing: development and implementation to promote sustainability

  • Research Opportunities: clinical trials and research grants/projects

  • Student Recruitment: to promote interest and enthusiasm for gerontology at all levels of nursing education; to promote graduate study in gerontology, which enhances expertise and increases number of teaching and research faculty

  • Student Scholarships: education – courses, conferences, degrees; research – clinical trials, projects, and presentations/posters; travel and other expenses

  • Translational Opportunities: dissemination and integration of best practice — educational events with honorariums and other expenses, trainings for care providers, and hosting visiting faculty

  • Website Development: information about our center – vision, mission, work, and personnel; sharing of information and resources; announcements and upcoming events, etc.